Use Twitter to your Benefit


You’re either

  • On Twitter actively
  • Not on Twitter at all
  • On Twitter but are very, very inactive. You’ve definitely attempted it a couple times, from talking about all the mothballs on your sweater to tweeting Stephen Fry for a heads up but nope still don’t get it. Therefore you remain aimlessly on Twitter but wholeheartedly inactive.


BUT just because you, Tom, Dick or Harry, doesn’t think it will enhance your life in any way, does not mean it can’t enhance your business.


Here are 6 reasons why your business will benefit from being an active user of Twitter:


  1. Connect with your audiences. Utilize this social media platform to reach out to your target audience. Create a relationship with your followers by listening to what they have to say and act on any feedback given, be it negative or positive.


  1. Expose yourself to other potential followers that are not even aware of you. You are in a pool of opportunity. You may have your own loyal followers but whose stopping you from obtaining more. Sell yourself in a way in which is appealing to other users, be it through your organization’s tone, its’ values, or through attributes such as humor. Or even if your tweets are retweeted or favourited (helps if they’re famous) then BOOM suddenly you can have a whole lot more followers.


  1. Hashtagging: is great for businesses on twitter. A hashtag turns into a hyperlink so that if users click on it they will be taken to a thread in which they can see all the conversations about that particular tag. For example #business or #designconsultants. Great if you’re trying to narrow down different potential clients.


  1. The vast majority of businesses are on it already: yes you may be weary of being a small fish in an absolutely ginormous pond but who cares. Be clever in how you enforce your messages and followers will in due course increase. Competitors will always be that one step ahead of you in the digital world if they’re on Twitter and you’re not.


  1. Its great for networking with other businesses: that’s right, other businesses will want to help you just as you will want to help them. Use this as a giant yellow pages in which you can reach out to just about anyone, within any profession. Be realistic though, if your wanting to swop stories with Oprah expect to get a solid pie to the face.


  1. Content Strategy: will get you a long way. Ensure you understand your brand’s ideals before you announce to the world ‘YOU’RE OFFICIALLY HERE!’ Work out how you want to present yourself and ways in which you think your audience will engage to any content you project.



Some people master Twitter in a day some don’t master it at all. If you’re a business that’s thinking about being on twitter there isn’t too much to think about. Its better to keep up with our ever-evolving digital age as opposed to getting left behind. Your business may also benefit hugely by a golden nugget of opportunity found on Twitter, explore your options and make an account.