Ah the joys of modern technology. There is always something for someone out there and if it’s not out there yet you can bet someone is in the throes of building the app framework for it right now. If you work in a remote team, communication may not be as frequent and as instant as you would like, which is a pain if you’re trying to nail something down. Tracking multiple emails and folders isn’t ideal either, so for those looking for an easy solution let us sing the praises of Slack. Slack is a team communication tool, which allows you to instant message anyone within your team- think of it as the business version of Whatsapp but with more to offer.


Here are 6 reasons why you and your team can work faster with Slack.



  1. All team communication is in one place:

Teams too often can get bogged down in chains of emails. When you add text, calls and Skype chats to the fold, it’s easy to see how things can get lost somewhere in translation and be overwhelmed by all the methods of communication that are being used to engage with one another. Slack communication happens all in one place and can be segmented by creating Channels for various topics. You can assign your team members to as many (or as few) channels as you need in order to keep topics visible to the users you want involved in any individual topic.



  1. All content if Searchable from One Search Box


Whilst you can still find info buried deep in a string of emails, it will take you more than double the time to do so than if you were to have a search via Slack. Slack allows you to use filters to make your search more refined; whether that means looking through a specific channel or through conversations that only feature certain team members, Slack allows you to choose from conversations that are the most recent or relevant, cutting out that monotonous long-winded trawl!



  1. File Sharing


Slack makes it easier for you and your team to share files, especially with an entire team. And for those folders that are too big for Slack, they have had Dropbox integrated into its system, saving you from having to using another means of sharing.



  1. Accessible Everywhere


There’s a reason why we referred to it as the Whatsapp for business and that’s because wherever you are you can tap into your slack conversations and receive messages from your team. You can download it as an app on your phone, saving you from having to log into your laptop each time to check on messages. This is great if you’re working away from your team; you are never out the loop.



  1. Exclusive One-to-One’s


Whilst group conversations are great for transparency, there will be times when you may just want to talk to one individual. Slack allows for private conversations so that you can engage in a subject matter that you don’t wish to share with the entire team: for example, payroll.



  1. Slack allows you to integrate with other tools you work with


Slack wants to be the place of work and therefore wants to ensure that you have all the tools you need in order to do the best work you can do, efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they have cleverly allowed you to integrate apps that you already use into their platform, whether it be ‘Memo’s’, ‘HP Printer Bot’ or ‘Paypal’ the selection of apps they provide is huge.

You can also request for tools that you use to be integrated if they don’t already have them.



So for those searching for a fully functioning work place that is great for a remote team then look no further. Sign up for Slack and work smarter and faster.